Monday, April 30, 2012

Yes, I'm Still Here

I survived the peak weeks and the rest week thereafter.  There hasn't been much blogging because honestly it is all so mundane there's not much exciting to say.  I wake up, I train, I sit around with my feet up, and I go to bed.  Occasionally just to be part of the outside world a bit more I'll go "shopping" except I never really buy anything because I don't really like shopping.  And even though I need new clothes pretty badly, why would I buy them here where there's sales tax? 

I'm definitely ready to go home, though.  It has been a long, long journey and while it's been better than Tucson in the sense that I haven't been alone for three months, I do miss home.  I miss my old routes and my uncrowded pool and the nearby lakes to swim in and my family and New England accents and the not living next door to a guy who is sitting outside smoking a cigarette at least 80% of the time I'm walking by. 

But first I have that pesky race to get through. So how am I feeling?  Mostly I feel like I haven't done an Ironman in about five years.  Actually, sometimes it's hard to believe I've done one ever even though I've crossed the finish line I think twelve times at this point.  I can say that I feel better about it than I've felt in probably three years.  I don't feel as good as I did then, but I'm definitely a lot closer than I've been over the past few years.  For one thing, as far as I can tell, none of my bones are broken.  And nothing feels hurt or strange or weird.  Swimming is going great, biking is pretty good although it's hard to tell because it's so super hilly here and I have to stop a lot more often than I do at home, and every once in a while I kind of feel like I'm really running.  It's kind of nice. 

The weather is supposed to be between 87 and 90 degrees here for as far as they can predict so I'll certainly have an opportunity to get some heat training in.  That's certainly a good thing. 

I'm sorry, I'm falling asleep myself just trying to write this so I don't think I should bore you anymore!

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