Friday, April 13, 2012

Just a Pointless Update

I am five days into my first peak week and I can definitely say I'm tired.  Yesterday I think if I had to unclip at all on my bike ride I might have actually fallen asleep during it.  We've had some cooler weather which hasn't really been that great.  I spent the entirety of my bike ride yesterday feeling cold in spite of bright sunshine and the wearing of a warm long-sleeved jersey and tights.  I need it to be hot if I'm going to be ready for Texas?

Things are continuing to improve although it's always tough to tell while I'm in the middle of the hardest stuff because I'm so tired.  I'm also continually amazed at how hilly it is here.  Although given that where I'm living is called Vestavia Hills and I am right next to places called Casaba Heights and Mountain Brook, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.  There are certainly some flatter roads but they take some work to get to.

Tomorrow is a nice six hour ride where I will traverse the dreaded roads of the chasing dogs.  It's been a few weeks since I rode those, though, so maybe I'll be even better at sprinting and getting away from them.  I can't tell if they're vicious or if they're just curious and I'd rather not find out.  It's sort of amazing to me how soon the race is and that I'm already in my overload weeks.  Where did the past few months go?  I will say though that I'm starting to miss my routes at home, and home in general.  It's not as bad this year since I'm at least not alone but it will certainly be nice to get back.  Even better if I can return successful in my endeavors.

But for now, it's time to have some dinner and rest up for the big weekend ahead!

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