Friday, February 17, 2012

Where Am I and How Long Have I Been Gone?

At some point yesterday I suddenly had to stop and try and remember how long it was I'd been in Florida.  Did I just drive down last week?  What time of year is it?  Where am I going next?  This early part of my travels has been somewhat all over the place, and not exactly carefully thought out.  But for some reason these things always seem to work themselves out. 

After the final frigid days of QT2 camp I hit the road and headed to a hotel in Kissimmee.  I utilized for the first time ever and had set up a room in a pretty decent hotel for a scary, meth-lab attracting hotel price.  Well, maybe not quite that low, but close.  Why Kissimmee?  Why not?  I just needed to stay in the general area to get some training in, it's fairly cheap, and should I have the opportunity, I could pop over to Disney World.  Which I did.  I even went to Universal for the first time since I was ten.  They've certainly improved things since then.  There was nobody there and I may have gotten slightly brain damaged from that Hulk rollercoaster, but it was pretty well worth it. 

The weather has been pretty nice, after Monday was chilly the weather here in Florida started to feel... well, a lot more like Florida again.  I had set up the hotel until today, with no special reason that I did it that way, although it worked out well because I forgot this is a holiday weekend.  Where was I going to go next?  I had no idea.

Well, then last weekend Tara, my roommate at camp and fellow QT2 coach, mentioned coming back down to Tampa for a running race and asked if I wanted to come stay with her and her friends.  Well, why not?  Stuff like that has a funny way of working out for me for some reason.  So for the next few days I'll be staying over on the beach near Clearwater.  Sounds like a pretty good deal. 

The only not so great thing about all of this traveling is essentially driving all over the place with three-months'-worth of stuff in my car since I can't quite settle in anywhere yet.  Oh, well, I'm sure I'll be in Alabama before I know it!

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