Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day

What a silly "holiday." Are we honestly expected to believe that winter might end now? Around here we'd be lucky if it ended in 6 weeks. But at least it means that Groundhog Day the movie is on TV. Honestly, it's one of those movies you sometimes forget is that brilliant. I should've watched that one on the trainer this morning for my bike ride.

I think last year at this point I was pretty miserable with the winter. I'm not thrilled with it now either, but in spite of the arctic chill in the air, we've at least been spared from too much snow, which is more than I can say for the winters of '07 and '08 when we got dumped on on a regular basis. With the exception of this one little pocket of my driveway that never sees the sun and therefore never melts, I haven't even had to worry about slipping on ice or anything. Currently I am choosing to ignore the fact that it is, in fact, supposed to snow tomorrow. At least it doesn't sound like it'll be too bad.

This week begins my extra key run workout in an attempt to make me suck less at running. Normally today would've been a transition run after a hard bike ride, but instead it was an added tempo run. The good news is that I actually felt pretty good. I'm almost completely not sick anymore, which is helping... but let's just hope that remains to be the case.

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